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Ready to create a life that works?

Hi, I'm Patty Bechtold, Holistic Career Counselor, Life Coach and Therapist in Sacramento. I also facilitate Women's Circles.

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Patricia Bechtold, MS, LPCC, BCC

3065 Freeport Blvd.

Sacramento CA 


*Life Coach

*Holistic Career Counselor

*Therapist & Personal Counselor

*Women's Circle Facilitator


I know you. You're wise, caring, creative. 

There's a part of you that knows that too (even if you're not seeing it these days).

Maybe you've come to a stopping place on the path of life and the way ahead is unclear. Or perhaps you're thinking that it's all going too fast and life is rushing by. Could be you even feel drained from stressful life events or repeating patterns.

You probably have days when you live fully and turn toward the joys and possibilities of life and work. Other days you watch from the sidelines, feeling frozen or overwhelmed.

Yet in spite of that, something has brought you here.

And that's a very good sign. In fact, maybe you see yourself in some of these descriptions:

  • You're at a turning point in your life, career or relationships
  • You yearn to claim and come home to your deep, real self
  • You want more ease, balance, joy and less doubt, worry or distress
  • You know it's time to heal and move through past hurts and stuck places
  • You've put desires on the back burner & it's time to bring them into the world
  • You'd like an integrated approach that combines both reflection and meaningful action

How I can help. Since 2001 it's been my greatest honor to counsel, coach and help bright, caring, creative women (and sometimes men) find their way back to their deepest wisdom. My purpose is to meet you right where you are, and I offer integrated services all along the continuum of counseling and coaching. My offerings include:

Psychotherapy & Personal Counseling
:: uncover and share your stories, heal from past hurts, learn to nurture yourself, honor your needs, increase self esteem and develop mindful approaches to stress, worry, anxiety and depression.

Holistic Career Counseling
:: excavate the yearnings, themes and inner knowing that will guide you toward a purposeful career path that reflects who you are at your core.

Life Coaching
:: wisely navigate transitions and make room for the dreams and desires that want space at the table of your life.

Not sure which service is right for you? That's okay. Many people's needs don't fall into one specific box. In fact, some clients get the best results when we weave together therapy, counseling and coaching. During our initial consultation call, we'll discuss your particular needs.

I meet with clients in my Sacramento office as well as by telephone and Skype.

Want to know more? Click on the links to my counseling and coaching pages above (where you'll also find information about rates). Or get to know me a little better by reading my blog, Living Deep Studio, or signing up for my newsletter in the box on the right. And if you have a quick question I'm at: pattybechtold (at) gmail (dot) com.

"This journey with you is fabulous and spurring movement for me is my personal world, work-land and marriage--a truly rich experience. I wish I could bottle you up and share you with my friends!" -C.L.

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