helping you feel better about life, work & relationships

Hello. I'm Patty. Therapist. Life Coach. Career Counselor.
I want to live in a world where women claim and come home to their deepest wisdom.

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I help clients with...

-transition/life stages
-life dreams/desires
-work stress
-work satisfaction
-career exploration
-awakening creativity

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Patty Bechtold, MS, LPCC, BCC

3065 Freeport Blvd.

Sacramento CA 

*Psychotherapist & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

*Board Certified Life Coach

*Holistic Career Counselor

*Women's Circle Facilitator

Do you long for a peaceful place where you can stop, open up and finally hear yourself? 

There's a lot of noise out there these days, not to mention demands on your time. And when you're dealing with personal, professional or relationship challenges, everything is amplified. All of it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, drained and stressed out.

Or maybe you've experienced this: days when it seems like you're watching from the sidelines. Distracted. Worried. Stuck. Discouraged.

You might even feel like you've lost touch with yourself and you're just going through the motions.

Hi, I'm Patty Bechtold, a Sacramento therapist, career counselor and life coach who wants to help. 

For more than a decade it's been my great privilege to help bright, caring women (and a few good men) find their way back to themselves. I offer an open hearted space where you'll be seen, heard and understood, along with a treasure chest full of powerful techniques to help you move forward.

You're probably here because you're at a turning point. You want more ease, balance and joy. You're ready to experience a life that works.

Here's the thing I most want to tell you: It is possible to feel happier and more satisfied.

You can reclaim your inner wisdom. You can move forward. You can feel better about yourself, your life, your work or your relationships.

There's no cookie cutter approach to this, however.
That's why I offer integrated services all along the continuum of counseling and coaching. I'm passionate about meeting your needs, wherever you are on your journey. Together, we'll dive into your most important priorities.

Therapy, Coaching and Counseling Services

Psychotherapy & Individual Counseling
:: heal anxiety, depression, self-esteem and past hurts • nurture yourself and your needs • build self-reliance and resilience • feel more hopeful

Life Transition Coaching :: ease the turbulence of transition • explore your values for your next life chapter • make space for experimentation and curiosity • take action on life dreams, desires and goals

Holistic Career Counseling
:: discover a purposeful career path • explore new ways to work • recover from burnout • increase job satisfaction • regain confidence after a job loss

Not sure which service is right for you? That's okay. Many people's needs don't fall into one specific box. In fact, some clients get the best results when we weave together some combination of therapy, counseling and coaching. During our initial free consultation call, we'll discuss your particular needs.

I meet with clients in my Sacramento office as well as by telephone and secure video sessions.

Want to know more? Click on the links to my counseling and coaching pages above (where you'll also find information about rates). And if you're wondering if we'll be a good fit together, click here to get on my calendar for a free phone consultation.

You can also get to know me a little better by subscribing to my newsletter in the box on the right. Also you might enjoy visiting my blog,
Living Deep Studio, where I write about wisdom, creativity, life transition, meaning-making, stories and women's circles. And if you have a quick question I'm at: pattybechtold (at) gmail (dot) com or 916.849.5769.

"I wanted to let you know how much I get out of our sessions. You certainly have an excellent way of helping others 'see for themselves.' And I feel like we have known each other for a long while, even if it is only a few months." -N.W.

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